Is Drain Cleaning in Hollywood FL Necessary?

March 11, 2020

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Drain cleaning in Hollywood FL is an excellent way to remove clogs and keep plumbing pipes clean and clear. While a homeowner might address an occasional clog on their own with a plunger or simple home solutions, it’s vital that you schedule professional plumbing services for your home when facing a serious clog, repeated clogs, or slow moving drains.

What Are Good DIY Hollywood, FL, Drain Cleaning Methods?

To clear a clogged toilet, use a high-quality ball plunger and not a cheap, thin plunger you buy at a discount store! You might need to plunge the toilet bowl several times to clear the clog, but avoid pouring drain cleaner and other solutions into the bowl as this can corrode the fixture and make the clog worse.

Most shower clogs are caused by an accumulation of hair and soap scum around the top of the drain. It’s typically quite easy to remove the trap and clean out the hair and other debris using a pair of needle-nose pliers. Replace the trap and your drain should be moving again in no time!

For kitchen sink clogs, remove the P trap under the sink and clean away any debris trapped in those pipes. You might also use a generous squirt of a grease-dissolving dish soap and very hot water, as this might melt away solidified grease and other foodstuffs in the pipes.

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Why Avoid DIY Drain Cleaning in Hollywood FL?

While you might clear out a clogged drain with some dish soap or unclog a toilet with a high-quality plunger, avoid using store-bought drain cleaning solutions, coat hangers, and even plumbing snakes! Drain cleaning solutions are very caustic and often eat away at plumbing pipes and connectors, leading to eventual corrosion and leaks.

Items like coat hangers and even plumbing snakes might simply push the solid materials deeper into your home’s pipes, making it more difficult to clean out properly. Heavy-duty equipment and sharp edges around coat hangers and other items also tend to “catch” plumber’s tape, putty, rubber gaskets, and similar items, causing damage. If a plunger and natural items like dish soap don’t clear away clogs, it’s time to call a plumber in Hollywood, Florida!

What Is Residential Drain Cleaning for Clogs?

Residential drain cleaning in Hollywood Florida typically involves more than just running a heavy-duty plumbing snake through a home’s pipes. It’s vital that a plumber first diagnose the exact cause of clogs, slow moving drains, and other such issues, before trying to correct them!

Drain cleaning usually begins with a special camera mounted to the end of a plumber’s snake. A plumber runs this snake through the clogged or slow-moving drains. The camera allows the plumber to note if something is in the pipe causing the clog, such as solid waste, solidified grease, or a foreign object such as a child’s toy.

It’s also vital that a plumber note why solid waste has built up in a home’s pipes. For example, water pushes solid waste along as it runs through pipes, so a water leak allows solid materials to build up and cause clogs. Simple pushing that solid material through without fixing the water leak won’t prevent new clogs from forming!

Broken pipes also allow in dirt and other debris, resulting in clogs. A Hollywood, FL, plumber needs to fix that broken pipe when clearing the clog, to prevent future clogs, water leaks, and resultant mold.

Once the reason for a clog is addressed, it then needs to be cleared. Many plumbers use sound blasts as strong sound waves help push solid matter through pipes! Pressurized water also pushes clogs along, similar to pressure washing the outside of your home to remove thick dirt and mud from exterior walls.

drain cleaning hollywood fl

What Is Residential Drain Cleaning for Maintenance?

Professional drain cleaning of a Hollywood FL home is an excellent choice for clearing clogs and reducing the risk of new clogs forming over time. However, draining cleaning is also a great choice for everyday drain maintenance!

Even if you’re very careful about your home’s plumbing and don’t put anything down the drain or into a  toilet that doesn’t belong there, solid waste, grease, and other debris might build up over time. This debris not only results in eventual clogs but also puts pressure on a home’s pipes, risking corrosion and damage to connectors and other parts.

Regular drain cleaning, just like cleaning out a home’s exterior gutters, removes debris before it becomes so thick that clogs form. Not only will you reduce the risk of clogs and damage to pipes but you might notice faster draining of a home’s tubs and sinks, for a cleaner home environment.

When Does Your Home Need Residential Drain Cleaning?

If you’ve tried cleaning out the trap of a clogged bathtub or kitchen sink, or plunging a clogged toilet, and these quick fixes don’t address the problem, it’s time to schedule residential drain cleaning! It’s also vital to schedule drain cleaning for persistent clogs, as this often indicates damage to plumbing pipes or other serious issues needing attention from a Hollywood, FL, plumber.

Most residential homes could benefit from drain cleaning every few years; however, there are some indications that you might want to schedule this maintenance task more often. For example, if you tend to rinse lots of greasy food items down the kitchen sink such as gravies or salad dressings, that grease might solidify inside your home’s pipes and you might consider more consistent drain cleaning.

Note, too, that clogs don’t always form all at once! As solid matter builds up in your home’s plumbing pipes, water tends to drain much more slowly. If you notice your home’s sinks or tubs seem to take far longer to drain than usual, it might be time to schedule drain cleaning.

Consider drain cleaning in Hollywood FL if you’ve recently used your home’s plumbing pipes for anything unusual; for instance, if your home suffered a small flood and you dumped that floodwater down the bathtub drain, schedule drain cleaning! Washing away any residual sediment and debris prevent future clogs and helps to avoid severe plumbing damage and expensive repair bills.

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