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Expert Water Heater Repair in Hollywood, FL

If your water heater is tucked away in the corner of your garage or laundry room, then you may not pay much attention to it. However, like most major appliances, water heaters break down after a certain time period. If you’re in need of water heater services, then reach out to the experts at K2 Plumbing. We service residential and commercial properties throughout Hollywood, Florida, and the Tri-County area, so whether you notice issues with the water heater at your home or business, we’re able to take care of it.
water heater repair in Hollywood, FL
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Signs of Problems With Your Water Heater in Your Hollywood Home

A big indicator that you need to repair your water heater is water pooling around the base of it; this means there is a leak that needs immediate attention. Other common signs of an issue with your water heater include:

-Loud noises coming from your water heater, like pops and cracks
-Rust-colored or cloudy water
-Hot water cutting out or not lasting long

If you notice any of these problems, then you should reach out to K2 Plumbing right away. We can come to your property and examine your water heater to determine what the underlying cause is so that we can properly repair it. Additionally, in the unfortunate instance that you need to completely replace your water heater, we would be happy to complete the installation for you.
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Personalized Water Heater Repair Services

At K2 Plumbing, our mission to perform your project with personal attention and detail, ensuring that your needs are met and that you’re 100 percent satisfied throughout the process and with the final result. Plus, all of our plumbing services are completed by our experienced, licensed plumbers, so you can rest assured that your water heater is repaired by a team of professionals.

If you’re experiencing issues with your water heater, contact K2 Plumbing today – we’re available 24/7. We provide water heater repair and installation services to homeowners and businesses in Hollywood, FL.
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k2 plumbing water heater repair in Hollywood FL

Reliable Water Heater Repairs Makes ALL The Difference

Your hot water heater might not mean a hill of beans to you, but when it stops working, you'll be overtly aware of its presence. K2 performs hundreds of hot water heater repairs in Hollywood, FL, each year. We are experts at what we do and work under the watchful eye and direction of a master plumber who has over 40 years of experience behind him. We definitely have what it takes to get your water heater working properly again. The time is now to schedule your plumbing appointment with our dedicated team of contractors. Have you gotten your FREE estimate yet?

FAST Water Heater Repairs in Hollywood and Broward County

Sometimes, your water heater might be outdated or on its last leg and beyond repair. That's OK! We have affordable replacement options for you to choose from. Our team of superior plumbers knows all the ins and outs about the traditional tank and tankless water heater. We'll do all that we can to save your old water heater, but we'll be completely honest with you and let you know if it'll save you more money, in the long run, to upgrade to a newer model. If you think your water heater is malfunctioning, please do not hesitate to call us right away!
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