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Looking For Kitchen Plumbing in Hollywood You Can Trust?

Your kitchen may be the most important room of your home as it’s the primary source for your family’s wellbeing. And for businesses in the hospitality industry, it is integral for success. Therefore, it’s crucial for your kitchen plumbing to work smoothly at all times. If you’re experiencing issues with the kitchen in your home or at your place of business, our experienced team, the K2 Plumbers in Hollywood FL can help. Whether you need your kitchen sink unclogged, a new faucet installed, or anything in between, we’re proud to service residential and commercial properties in Hollywood, Florida, and the Tri-County area. However you need our assistance, we’ll get your kitchen back to working order. K2 Plumbing can tackle virtually any of your kitchen plumbing needs because we perform an extensive variety of services.
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Sink & Faucet Replacements, Repairs, & Installations

Think about how many times a day you use your kitchen sink or faucet. Between filling up water bottles, washing dishes, rinsing off food while preparing a meal, and many other uses, it’s important that your sink and faucet are working properly at all times. K2 Plumbing offers the best local services for kitchen plumbing, including:

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Installation & Repair Services For Garbage Disposal

Nothing seems to be more annoying than a drain that’s always getting clogged. Before you dump a bottle of chemicals down the drain down your kitchen sink, consider another alternative to drain cleaning. Install a garbage disposal, and you'll never have to worry about old, moldy food accumulating in your drains. 

If you already have a garbage disposal, then you know how much of a time saver it is. If your garbage disposal isn't working correctly or making strange sounds, you may need it repaired. The plumbers at K2 plumbing offer expert services for both garbage disposal replacement and repair. Give us a call for a free estimate.

kitchen plumbing in Hollywood
Kitchen plumbers in Hollywood Florida

Pipework For Kitchen Plumbing in Hollywood

Are you thinking of completely remodeling your kitchen? K2 Plumbing can perform any pipework that’s necessary for you to make the renovations possible. Not only do we do kitchen plumbing in Hollywood for an affordable price, but we are also licensed and insured. Unlike other plumbing contractors in the area, we stand behind our work with an iron-clad guarantee.

Full Service Kitchen Plumbing Services

Kitchen sink plumbing in Hollywood is a very popular service. As mentioned above, you utilize your kitchen sink area many times per day. After a while, faucets require replacing; pipes need maintenance, and much more. Are you a commercial business owner? If so, this puts even more wear and tear on your kitchen sink areas. 

Restaurant owners, school cafeterias, and many other businesses depend on their kitchen sinks to be working at full speed in order to successfully do their jobs. When your sink starts to make gurgling noises, or the water won't drain, it's time to call K2 Plumbing for professional services. We are equipped and skilled to take on leaky faucets, clogged drains, rusty pipes, and so much more.
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Contact our plumbers in Hollywood today to keep your kitchen running smoothly – we’re available 24/7. We’ll promptly take care of your kitchen plumbing needs for your home in Hollywood, FL, or the Tri-County area, and our work is guaranteed.

Commercial Plumbing

Water Heater Repair & Installation

Sewer Line Repair & Installation

Residential Leak Detection

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