How Much Does New Bathroom Plumbing Cost?

April 9, 2020

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New bathroom plumbing installation is best left to the pros, even if your home’s bathroom space only needs a new showerhead, sink, or other seemingly minor fixture or feature. One small oversight when installing new bathroom plumbing can result in severe water leaks leading to structural damage and mold growth, both of which are quite expensive to repair!

A plumber might charge $45 to $65 or more per hour for new bathroom plumbing installation, or a flat rate of $13,000 or more, on average, for an entirely new bathroom pipe layout and installation. This rate might vary according to materials chosen as well as extent of tear-out and cleanup needed.

While costs for bathroom plumbing might seem a bit steep, note that there are many details and steps involved in new plumbing installation beyond simply replacing or laying new pipes. If you’re a homeowner planning a bathroom renovation, you might note some of those steps here, so you can discuss your home’s needs in greater detail with your plumber and know what to expect by way of new bathroom plumbing costs.

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How Much Does It Cost for New Bathroom Plumbing?

To help you budget for your bathroom renovation plans or a new bath altogether, note some added details about this work and your expected costs. As always, be sure to ask your bathroom renovation contractor or local plumbing company any questions you have about plumbing installation and repairs, so you know the job gets done right and you’re happy with your new space for years to come.

  • Labor charges typically average between $45 and $65 per hour. Note that a plumber often charges for more than just pipe installation; he or she might also charge for planning, site preparation including tearing out current fixtures and making repairs or upgrades to the home’s structural supports, fitment of fixtures such as new toilets and tubs, and connecting new fixtures to the home’s current plumbing.
  • Site cleanup might not be included in the hourly charge but come with a flat rate, as some plumbing companies subcontract this work to a local construction cleaning crew. In other cases, a plumbing company might charge an hourly rate for cleanup and potentially an added disposal fee.
  • A plumbing company might charge additional fees for materials and supplies, beyond their labor costs. These materials include adhesives, sealers, and various finishes.
  • Fixtures refers to anything put in a fixed place, such as sinks, toilets, and tubs. Your choice of fixtures affects your bathroom renovation or installation costs; a low-cost bathtub, for instance, might average around $400, whereas an oversized tub with specialty details might cost upwards of $1500 or more.
  • Specialty features might also increase your new bathroom plumbing labor costs; for instance, an oversized tub might require added bracing along the home’s subfloor and additional equipment to carry it into the home, increasing your overall labor charges.
  • Plumbing contractors might obtain needed permits but will often add the cost of permits to their quote or invoice.
  • A bathroom renovation might include enhancement or improvement costs. For instance, if a plumber needs to move a sink or toilet more than a few feet from its current location, this work might require added piping, structural support, and the like, and increase your new bathroom plumbing costs accordingly.

Hidden Signs of Needed Bathroom Plumbing Repairs

A homeowner would do well to consider signs of needed bathroom plumbing repairs in their home, to reduce the risk of water damage and resultant mold growth and ensure pipes and connectors are always in good working order. Rather than waiting until you’re ready for a full-scale bathroom renovation to call a plumber near you, consider some hidden or often overlooked signs of needed bathroom plumbing repairs.

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  • Water leaks often lead to persistent clogs in drains and toilets. Draining water takes solid material with it through a home’s plumbing pipes; when a pipe is damaged, allowing water to leak out, solid material then tends to build up inside those pipes, leading to clogs and backups. If your home’s drains or toilets clog persistently or drain slowly, it’s time to call a plumbing contractor near you.
  • Persistent clogs might also indicate that it’s time for drain cleaning. Solid matter often builds up over time even along pipes in good repair but, if left unchecked, this buildup leads to clogs and messy backups. If a plumber cannot find a water leak, consider drain cleaning as this service might get your home’s plumbing working again as it should.
  • When outside plumbing pipes are cracked, they allow in dirt and other sediment, leading to clogs. Water then moves slowly down the drain or toilets need flushing several times to empty. Cracked exterior pipes also risk backups in tubs and toilets.
  • Water leaks also might result in low water pressure. If you notice low water pressure from sinks and showers, give them a thorough cleaning to remove any hard water mineral buildup. If you still notice low water pressure, this might indicate water leaks in the home.
  • Water leaks also waste water throughout the day! In turn, you might see a sudden spike in your water bill or hear the home’s water heater cycling on more often than usual.
  • Never ignore odd sounds originating from behind a home’s walls! Drips, running water, and other such noises might indicate a broken pipe, water leak, and other needed repairs.
  • Mold is not uncommon in tropical or overly humid environments, but water leaks, sweating pipes, and other such needed repairs also create dampness and increase the risk of mold. If your home sees frequent mold growth along interior walls or a contractor has discovered mold behind the walls, have the home’s pipes checked for leaks and other such needed repairs.

Is Plumbing a New Bathroom Difficult or a DIY Job?

New bathroom plumbing is often more difficult than homeowners realize, and roughing in new pipes involves more than just connecting them to existing pipes and connectors. As an example, plumbing pipes must be installed at just the right angle or slope, to encourage water to drain properly. However, too steep of an angle and water will run through pipes too quickly, leaving behind solid waste and increasing the risk of clogs.

It’s also vital to remember that local building codes affect new bathroom plumbing installation; for instance, some codes might not allow a new bathroom in your desired location, to ensure plumbing pipes are a safe distance from electrical wiring, gas lines, and the like. Local codes also affect the number of needed vents, size of pipes, and other such details. Hiring a bathroom renovation contractor or a qualified, skilled plumber near you ensures your home renovation plans don’t violate those codes and you don’t face hefty fines or the need to redo that work!

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A skilled plumbing contractor near you might also have suggestions for ensuring the work is done as quickly and affordably as possible. For instance, if you want to add a bathroom to the second floor, he or she might suggest a floor plan that keeps new pipes as close to existing pipes as possible, reducing labor and materials costs.

A plumbing company near you also notes needed bracing along a home’s subfloor, new wiring to support electrical fixtures such as hot tubs, and other such prep work, ensuring your bathroom renovation or installation is as functional as it is beautiful! Understanding all the details involved in new bathroom plumbing is good reason to rely on a pro for any installation or repairs you need to have done.

How to Save on Bathroom Plumbing Costs

A plumbing contractor near you might offer cost saving suggestions for your needed bathroom repairs or installation, as said, but note a few additional tips for saving money over the years. One excellent way to avoid otherwise needed repairs is to invest in regular plumbing maintenance, including draining cleaning and leak detection. Just like oil changes and radiator flushes along with regular inspections ensure a car is in good working order, drain cleaning and leak detection keep a home’s plumbing pipes clean and ensure timely repairs, before they get more extensive.

For new bathroom installations or renovations, note if you can manage tear-outs or cleanup on your own. If you’re not sure how to safely remove fixtures, leave this work to a professional plumber or renovation contractor, but you might be able to manage cleanup after their work is done, saving you on the cost of labor.

Related Questions

What is galvanized piping and should it be replaced?

Galvanized steel has a thin zinc coating. Zinc is abundantly available and nontoxic to humans, making it an excellent choice for steeling coatings. However, this coating does wear away from plumbing pipes eventually. When that happens, it’s best to replace those pipes, to prevent rust and corrosion.

How do you repair a burst pipe?

Always leave frozen, clogged, and burst pipes to a plumber near you! In many cases, it’s best to replace burst or otherwise broken bathroom plumbing, as well as frozen pipes. Attempting to clear clogs with store bought chemicals and rented plumbing snakes also increases the risk of damaged pipes, so call a plumbing contractor when needed for these repairs and fixes.


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