7 Relaxing Things to Do in Miami, FL Today

October 2, 2020

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Miami, Florida, is known as one of the country’s leading hotspots, full of nightclubs and restaurants catering to an international party crowd. The beaches in Miami also ensure you always have someplace to go when you want to enjoy the sun and sand or take a boat out onto the open ocean.

For those who want to relax, however, the city also offers lots of attractions for singles and families, both indoors and out. When you’re ready to kick back and enjoy a bit of relaxation, check out 7 things you can do in Miami FL today, or as early as this weekend!


view of the miami florida bay

1. Bayside Marketplace

The Bayside Marketplace offers two stories of open-air shopping, perfect for browsing and stocking up on some amazing finds when in the city. The market sits next to a marina that you can visit when you want to watch the sea life and get away from the hustle and bustle of tourists in the area. The market also plans regular musical attractions and other live shows when you’re looking for something a bit different and unique during your shopping adventure!

2. Miami Seaquarium

The Miami Seaquarium boasts some 38 acres of marine mammals, sea horses, sea turtles, birds, reptiles, sharks, and much more. There are also live shows you can enjoy when you need a break and want to sit down and watch the animals perform!

3. Jungle Island

When you think Miami, you probably think pink flamingos and colorful birds as well as other amazing Florida wildlife. If you want to see those creatures up close, visit Jungle Island. This natural habitat showcases lots of parrots and other colorful birds as well as a lion’s den, baboons, kangaroos, and much more. When you’re ready for a relaxing stroll through a tropical zoo, Jungle Island is the place to be!

4. Venetian Pool

If you’re not quite up to swimming in the ocean but standard pools are a bit dull, visit the historic Venetian Pool! This public swimming pool, located in nearby Coral Gables, is surrounded by natural attractions including palm trees and beautiful native flowers. For a swimming experience that is as beautiful as it is relaxing, check out the Venetian Pool.

5. Miami Children’s Museum

This nonprofit educational institute offers lots of hands-on attractions for children, many of which are brightly colored in standard Miami neon flare. There are life-size boats your children can explore and dinosaur exhibits perfect for family members of any age.

6. Crandon Park

If you assume that every beach in Miami is loud and crowded, it’s time for you to check out Crandon Park. This beautiful beach is known for its quiet, tranquil setting as well as its nature preserve and carousel, perfect for families and those looking for a bit of quiet when relaxing by the ocean.

7. The de la Cruz Collection

If you’re looking to beat the heat and enjoy a bit of relaxation indoors, visit the de la Cruz Collection. This museum sits in a 30,000 square foot building, featuring artwork owned by a Miami businessman who wanted to share it, free of charge, with the public!

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