6 Signs You Need to Call a Plumber in Hollywood FL for Plumbing Repair

October 5, 2020

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Don’t wait for a burst pipe, low water pressure, or other plumbing SOS before you call a plumber in Hollywood FL! Putting off needed plumbing repairs and maintenance means facing even costlier fixes down the road, including dangerous, damaging backups and burst pipes inside your house.

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Knowing when to call a plumber in Hollywood FL ensures those fixes don’t get worse and your home’s plumbing always functions as needed. If you’re a homeowner, check out these signs of when to call a plumber in Hollywood FL and why their services are so vital when you notice any of these issues in your home.

1. Call a Plumber in Hollywood FL for Gurgling Sounds

If you flush a toilet, run a dishwasher or washing machine, or use a shower and hear a gurgling sound from the drain, it’s vital you call for plumbing service in Hollywood FL as quickly as possible. Gurgling usually means clogs in a drain or pipe, so you then hear water struggling to get past those clogs when the drain is in use. Gurgling can also mean air bubbles forming due to cracked pipes or other such serious damage.

2. Water Running Means You Need a Plumbing Contractor in Hollywood

The sound of water running when no one is using the plumbing in the home often means a broken pipe or water leak. You might hear the telltale “drip drip” of water running out of a broken pipe, or what sounds like water moving around those pipes despite no one using taps and faucets.

These sounds might also be accompanied by brown stains on the ceiling or walls, soft spots on ceilings and along floors, and crumbling drywall. You can also check the home’s water meter and note if it’s moving even when no one is using a water fixture in the home. As these leaks and other such damage wastewater and risk damage and mold growth, call a plumber in Hollywood FL as soon as you notice these telltale signs!


3. Call a Plumber in Hollywood FL for Slow Drains

A slow shower drain is often addressed by simply removing the stopper and cleaning out any hair, soap scum, and other “gunk” trapped along the drain’s entry. Slow kitchen sink drains might also indicate food debris clinging to the garbage disposal; you can clean this appliance by dropping a few ice cubes in the disposal or adding vinegar and baking soda and letting that mixture bubble for a few minutes.

However, if these quick fixes don’t work, it’s time to call a plumber in Hollywood FL! Slow drains often indicate a buildup of solid materials in plumbing pipes; if left unchecked, that buildup can mean a clog and eventual backup. A Hollywood FL plumber can clean out those drains and ensure water is running properly, to avoid clogs and other eventual damage.

Regular plumbing maintenance in Hollywood FL also means less risk of clogs and other damage. A plumber might clean out pipes with various chemicals or even sound waves, removing solid materials before they can build up and lead to clogs and backups.

4. Sulfur and Sewage Odors Mean It’s Time for Plumbing Services in Hollywood

The sudden smell of rotten eggs, or any such sulfur and sewage type odor, typically indicates that you have a broken vent or damaged sewage pipe under the home. Those odors get trapped in a home’s plumbing pipes and result in foul, unpleasant odors; if left unchecked, that broken pipe or vent can allow sewage backup. Those odors themselves are also very dangerous, sometimes resulting in headaches and other health concerns!

A homeowner would also do well to call for plumbing services in Hollywood, FL, if you should notice any type of gas odors and smells. Chemicals are added to natural gasses so they produce an odor, purposely to alert someone to a gas leak! A gas leak is downright dangerous, so don’t ignore them but call a plumber in Hollywood FL if you notice any odd or foul odors coming from taps, showers, toilets, and other plumbing fixtures and features.

5. Let a Plumber in Hollywood FL Address Frozen Pipes

One common mistake made by homeowners is trying to thaw out frozen pipes with a hairdryer, matches, cigarette lighter, butane torch, and the like. However, the sudden shock of heat against frozen pipes can allow them to crack and, in turn, water might then burst through, risking injury and severe damage to your home.

Frozen pipes in the home often result in no water coming out of certain taps, or very low water pressure. You might also notice loud “clanking” noises from that pipe as you try to use the home’s plumbing system, or even see frost and small icicles around its exterior. Rather than trying to fix this issue on your own, call a plumber in Hollywood FL in the rare event that your home suffers a frozen plumbing pipe.

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6. Sudden Utility Bill Spikes? Call a Plumber in Hollywood FL

If your home has plumbing leaks, remember that this means lots of lost water dripping out of those pipes and their connectors. In turn, your water bills might suddenly spike! Plumbing leaks can also allow water to drip out of the home’s water heater so that it fills up with cool water and then cycles on more often, which also increases your electric or gas bills.

Plumbing leaks might also mean low water pressure so that you turn up the faucets and showerheads. This also means using more water than usual, and a sudden increase in your utility bills. Clogs can also mean having to flush toilets more than once, using far more water than you should.

Never put off calling a plumber in Hollywood FL if you notice increased water costs or any such issues mentioned here. Scheduling needed plumbing repairs and maintenance keeps those fixes from getting worse over time while also keeping a home’s plumbing pipes free of clogs and leaks. You’ll then avoid more costly yet otherwise unnecessary fixes and keep your home’s plumbing in good repair and working as it should.


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