5 Times to Call a Pro for Kitchen Plumbing in Hollywood, Florida

April 9, 2020

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Kitchen plumbing in Hollywood, Florida, homes is often more complicated than homeowners realize! While a homeowner might make some minor repairs to kitchen plumbing, it’s vital that you leave this work to a professional when necessary.

Before you pull out the toolbox or head down to the home improvement store to rent a plumbing snake, note when it’s best to call a plumber in Hollywood, FL, instead. Doing so ensures that your home’s plumbing fixtures and features are always in good repair and functioning properly and safely.

kitchen plumbing Hollywood, FL

Electrical and Kitchen Plumbing in Hollywood, FL

It’s always best to call a plumbing contractor in Hollywood, FL, if your work involves anything electrical. This includes the garbage disposal, dishwasher, and other such fixtures. Water is a very good electrical conductor so any mistakes or oversights made when working with plumbing pipes and electrical wiring can be dangerous, if not downright deadly.

A plumber or electrical contractor might also note if new appliances need updated wiring along with new plumbing. For example, a larger dishwasher might draw more power than your current dishwasher, and older wiring might not accommodate added wattage. New wiring installation ensures your appliances get the power they need and always function as expected.

Call a Hollywood, FL, Plumber for Sink Installation

Proper sink installation involves more than just dropping a new sink into place and adding a line of caulk around the edges. Without proper sealers and adhesives, water might leak around the countertop materials, leading to damage and mold growth.

Sinks and garbage disposals also need proper connecting, with the right trap and flange in place, to ensure the disposal works as it should and to avoid the risk of clogs. A new sink might also need additional drilling, to accommodate the faucet! To ensure this job is done right, call for professional plumbing services in Hollywood, FL, when you need new sink installation.

Consistent Clogs Indicate It’s Time for Plumbing Services in Hollywood

An occasional clog is not unusual and very often a homeowner might remove the P-trap under the sink and clear it out without an issue. However, persistent clogs often indicate it’s time to call for plumbing services in Hollywood, FL. Broken pipes, water leaks, and solid waste buildup lead to clogged or slow draining sinks and these are not quick or simple repairs.

Leak detection services show the location of water leaks and needed pipe replacement as well as needed mold cleanup. It’s also vital that you let a plumber handle drain cleaning as needed, since plumbing snakes might just push solid matter deeper through a home’s pipes!

kitchen plumbing hollywood fl

Let a Hollywood, FL, Plumber Install New Pipes

If you’re considering kitchen renovations or remodeling work, let a Hollywood, FL, plumber install new pipes for you. Plumbing pipe installation is more complicated than homeowners often realize, as pipes must sit at a slight angle for water to drain properly. If that angle is too steep, water runs too quickly and doesn’t rinse away solid matter!

Residential plumbing also requires various traps, vents, and other parts that encourage water flow and that trap and release sewage gasses outside the home. Installing new pipes without proper connections to these installations might result in clogs, foul odors coming up through the sink, and other such serious plumbing issues.

Leave Leaky Faucets to the Pros

Worn parts inside a kitchen faucet often lead to persistent drips and leaks. While it might seem easy to simply disassemble faucet handles and replace worn parts, those handles often have far more parts and are much more complicated than homeowners realize! A typical sink faucet consists of washers, aerator cartridges, mounting nuts, supply nuts, and many other small parts.

It’s vital that a plumber replace these parts when needed, to ensure they’re installed in proper order and with proper tools and pressure. Over-tightening a part might strip the threads of a connector, leading to leaks. Not tightening those parts enough also risks water leaks!

A plumbing contractor in Hollywood, FL, will also note if internal parts of that sink faucet are overly worn and rusted and if it’s time for a new sink altogether! Investing in a new sink when needed avoids the risk of future leaks and ensures your home’s plumbing is always in good repair and functioning as it should.

Why You Should Call a Plumber in Hollywood, FL

There are a few other reasons why kitchen plumbing in a Hollywood, FL, home should be left to a professional. One consideration is that local building codes often affect virtually every aspect of a home’s kitchen plumbing; failing to make repairs or install new pipes and fixtures according to codes might mean a loss of property values and less chance of selling your home in the future. Your homeowner’s insurance also might not cover future plumbing issues if your carrier discovers work not done to local codes.

A Hollywood, FL, plumber might also note reasons for plumbing issues that a homeowner overlooks. For example, a homeowner might assume that a water stain under the sink means a water leak just above that discoloration. However, a plumber might note that the water leak is actually located along another pipe or connector, and the water is simply traveling along the outside of other pipes before it then drips to the floor below! He or she ensures the right pipe or connector is replaced as needed.

A plumber in Hollywood, FL, might also offer tips and suggestions for keeping residential plumbing in good working order. For instance, Florida is often known for having hard water, or lots of minerals in a home’s tap water. These minerals might solidify on faucets and even inside water heaters, leading to the risk of plumbing damage.

Your plumbing contractor might then suggest a water softener for your home, to avoid the risk of future damage. He or she might also suggest a solar water heater, to take advantage of the state’s sunny weather and heat your home’s water for free or very little cost! These and other such tips ensure your kitchen plumbing in Hollywood, FL, is always in good working order and also save you money over the years.

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