5 Reasons to Call for Emergency Plumbing Repair in Hollywood, FL

July 5, 2020

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Homeowners are often hesitant about calling for emergency plumbing repair in Hollywood, Florida, perhaps afraid of their expected costs or because they don’t think their home’s plumbing issue constitutes a real emergency! There are, however, many good reasons to schedule 24-hour plumbing repair for a Hollywood, FL, home rather than putting off such repairs until the next day or even indefinitely.

To ensure you keep your home in good condition and avoid otherwise unnecessary repair costs, consider a few reasons when and why you need emergency plumbing repair in a Hollywood, FL, home. Remember to feel free to discuss your concerns with a plumbing repair contractor as well, as he or she might advise you if such event are true emergencies in your home or if some fixes can wait.

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1. Call an Emergency Plumber in Hollywood, FL, for an Overflowing Toilet

A simple plunger might help clear a clogged toilet but once the bowl overflows and doesn’t flush, it’s time to call an emergency plumber in Hollywood, FL. An overflowing toilet typically needs more than simple plunging to get it clear again; an overflowing bowl often signals a large clog or one deep inside a home’s plumbing pipes.

Overflowing toilets also bring lots of harmful bacteria with them! Trying to clean all that sewage and other materials with household cleansers and scrub brushes can mean just spreading it around or grinding it into tile and other surfaces. Household gloves and other basic protective gear is also typically insufficient protection against irritation and even infection, so call for emergency plumbing repair in Hollywood, Florida, instead.

2. Water Leaks Need Emergency Plumbing Repair in Hollywood FL

Water leaks don’t simply go away on their own, and they often cause more damage than homeowners might realize. Drywall, wood framing, carpet and its underlying padding, and even grout underneath tile floors all absorb water and moisture easily, leading to wood rot, mildew, and loosened tiles.

A water leak also encourages mold growth especially behind a home’s walls where there is little to no air or sunlight. It doesn’t take much time or moisture for mold to grow and then spread throughout your home, leading to health hazards and costly cleanup bills. To reduce the risk of damage and mold, call an emergency plumber in Hollywood FL as soon as you notice any signs of plumbing leaks in your home.

3. Leave Frozen Pipes to a Hollywood, FL, Emergency Plumber

Homes in Florida don’t need to deal with frozen pipes very often but they do occur, especially pipes located in basements, cellars, and other cold, damp areas of the home and property. You might not think a frozen pipe is an urgent plumber matter but remember that water expands as it freezes; frozen water inside plumbing pipes is then putting undue pressure on the pipe and its connectors, often leading to cracks and leaks.

Once the ice begins to melt, it can then also get pushed through those cracks and leaks, leading to a burst pipe. A pipe bursting is dangerous to anyone in the general vicinity and also typically results in a huge mess! To avoid risk of injury and a flooded home, call for emergency plumbing repair in Hollywood FL in the rare event you should notice a frozen pipe in your home.

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4. Floods of Unknown Origin Need an Emergency Plumber in Hollywood FL

If you ever come home to a flood, the origins of which you can’t trace, you need emergency plumbing repair in Hollywood! One reason to rely on a plumbing contractor in these cases is that a flood’s origin might be far from the standing water itself; for example, a burst pipe on the second floor might allow water to drip and leak behind the walls so that floodwaters then collect on the first floor. A broken clothes washer or dishwasher might spill water behind it and those waters might then travel to an adjoining room.

It’s also vital to call an emergency plumber in Hollywood, FL, for such floods as it’s important that the water source be addressed as soon as possible. Never assume that receding floodwaters mean that the source of the flood has somehow repaired itself or that it has “run out of” water. To keep damage in your home to a minimum, call for 24-hour emergency plumbing repair in Hollywood FL for any flood with an unknown origin.

5. Low Water Pressure Needs Emergency Plumbing Repair in Hollywood

If your home suddenly experiences very low water pressure or, worse yet, no water at all, this is not a plumbing issue to put off until the next day! Low water pressure might indicate a serious leak or broken pipe. As water flows out that crack or break, there is less water to reach your taps so that your home then has little to no water pressure.

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A water leak serious enough to interfere with water pressure in the home can mean severe water damage to building materials as well as resultant flooding inside the home and eventual mold growth. If your home’s lack of water or little water pressure is due to the city shutting off the water for some reason, it’s time to call a plumbing contractor in Hollywood, Florida!

What to Do While Waiting for an Emergency Plumber in Hollywood

If you’ve called a Hollywood FL 24-hour emergency plumber for these or any other reason, consider turning off the water to your home while you wait. Main water valves are usually located in the basement or along an outside wall, next to a water meter, often in a small box. Closing those valves can relieve water pressure on damaged pipes and stop the source of inside flooding.

While you might put a bucket or pan underneath a water leak, be cautious about trying to remove standing water or starting to clean flooded areas. It’s easy to expose yourself to germs and bacteria and spread contaminants around the home while cleaning, or allow floodwaters to seep into other areas. Close off doorways with rolled-up towels but otherwise, use caution and avoid spreading water and waste while waiting for emergency plumbing repair in Hollywood, FL.


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