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Speedy Water Heater Replacement in Hollywood, FL

You've made the decision to have your old water heater replaced and you want your new model to be installed as quickly as possible, for good reason! Allow our prime plumbers to at K2 Plumbing handle the task. We'll arrive at your property on-time and ready to work. 

We believe in establishing and maintain great relationships with our clients. That's why we're you're top choice of plumber in Hollywood, FL. Our team is always transparent with you about what we will be doing and we make sure you're 100% comfortable with our suggestions. A hot water heater replacement is a big investment and we understand your need to be kept up to speed on the entire process.

You can count on us to remove your old water heater and haul it away for you. Expert water heater replacement in Hollywood, FL is just one of our many talents. When it comes to plumbing you can count on K2 to be the best contractors in all of Broward County. We're respectful, honest, and hard workers. Are you ready to get your FREE estimate?
water heater replacement hollywood
water heater replacement hollywood

24-Hour EMERGENCY Water Heater Replacement at Your Service

Water heaters have a tendency to break at the most inconvenient times such as during a holiday family gathering, the middle of the night, or when you're in the shower! Whichever the case might be you can count on K2 Plumbing to come to the rescue with our top-of-the-line equipment and knowledgeable dispositions. 

Our crew will always be respectful of your property and time. That's why punctuality and good customer relationships are so important to us. We understand how frustrating it can be to not have any hot water in your residential or commercial property.  

We've seen entire hotels without hot water and it was a very unnerving experience! However, we replaced the water heaters within a few hours and saved the day. We can do the same for you! Call us now and we'll provide a FREE consultation and get your unit replaced.
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Tank or Tankless? That is the Question!

You already know that your hot water heater needs to be replaced but which model do you choose? There are traditional tank water heaters available and there are newer models like the tankless variety. Our superior plumbers have experience with installing both of them. We'll asses your situation and help you decide which model is going to work best for you.

The biggest complaint that we hear about tank water heater replacement is that the units are large and take up a ton of space whereas a tankless water heater isn't much bigger than a briefcase. When you choose a tankless water heater you will always have a constant, never-ending supply of hot water because known of the water is stored in the unit.

Bulky tank water heaters tend to use a lot of energy while tankless models conserve energy and cut down on electric and gas bills. With that being said, sometimes tank models are still the better option for some people. We'll help you determine which hot water heater replacement is in your best interest. Get in touch with us now for a FREE estimate!
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water heater replacement hollywood
plumbing services hollywood florida

Put Your Water Heater Replacement Project in Our Capable Hands

We offer professional tank & tankless water heater installation and replacement in Hollywood, FL for your convenience and peace of mind. It can be overwhelming to think that you may have to replace your hot water heater on your own - a practice that we strongly discourage.  

Replacing a hot water heater involves many steps that require you to have a knowledge of electric and gas lines. Our master plumber at K2 Plumbing has over 40 years of experience and could probably replace your water heater in his sleep. We use tried and true methods to get the job done quickly and accurately the first time around. 

Plus, our water heater replacement services are incredibly affordable. We'll remove your old unit and haul it away so you never have to think about it again. Let's get you on the schedule for your first appointment. You'll even receive $25 off your service because that's our way of saying thank you for your patronage.
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