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Tankless Water Heater Installation in Hollywood, FL With Best in Class Warranty

Do you have to limit your time spent in the shower so you don’t use all the hot water? What if you own a business where you can’t risk running out of hot water? With a tankless water heater, you’ll never have to worry about running out of hot water again. That’s because this unique product heats water as it flows through your pipes, rather than heating a finite amount of water stored in a tank. If this sounds like the solution you need for your home or business, K2 Plumbing can help. Our Plumbers in Hollywood, Fl perform tankless water heater installations as well as repairs for residential and commercial properties in Hollywood, FL, and the Tri-County area, so you can enjoy endless hot water at your home or business.
tankless water heater installation in Hollywood, FL
tankless water heater getting installed

Benefits of Tankless Water Heaters in Hollywood FL

More and more people are equipping their homes and businesses with installations of tankless water heaters in Hollywood FL for a variety of reasons. While the biggest benefit of a tankless heater is unlimited hot water, other advantages include:

-Compactness – Most tankless water heater installations in Hollywood FL are about the size of a suitcase and can be installed on a wall, freeing up a large amount of space that a normal tank would occupy.

-Safety – Tank-type heaters can spill gallons of water if a leak occurs or potentially grow harmful bacteria inside. You won’t have to worry about either of these risks with a tankless water heater.

-Value – While the initial cost of a tankless water heater is more expensive, it will last two or three times longer than a tank-type heater, and it requires less energy to use, saving you money in the long run.
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#1 For Repairs & Maintenance for Tankless Water Heaters in Hollywood FL

In addition to installations, we perform tankless water heater repairs and routine maintenance. After you first contact K2 Plumbing, we’ll send one of our trained and licensed plumbers to your property to inspect your water heater and diagnose the cause of the issue. We’ll then provide you with an estimate and promptly repair your tankless water heater.

Don’t hesitate to contact K2 Plumbing today. We perform tankless water heater installations and repairs for homeowners and businesses throughout Hollywood, FL, and the Tri-County area.
tankless water heater replacement
parts for repairing water heater in Hollywood FL

Easy Installations of Tankless Water Heaters in Hollywood

Did you know that tankless water heater installation in Hollywood is actually quite easy? Our professionals will be in and out of your hair in no time! The tankless water heater is much smaller than a traditional tank water heater. In fact, it's only about the size of a briefcase. 

That's really small compared to a bulky, traditional water heater. The installation process is a one-man job because we can carry the unit into your home or business without a dolly or other moving equipment. More and more of our customers are switching over to tankless water heaters each year because of how convenient they are.

Why Go Tankless with your Water Heater Installation

Another little known fact about the tankless water heater is that it supplies you with an unlimited amount of hot water! The days of sudden cold showers are over. Traditional water heaters store hot water inside of their tanks (that's one reason why they are so big), and once all of that hot water is used up, it needs to replenish and reheat itself. If you do decide to go with another model of water heater, be sure to check out our other Hollywood water heater services.

Going tankless means, you'll also see a decrease in your electric and gas bills because these little powerhouses actually conserve energy. Are you ready to talk more about whether a tankless water heater installation is a good idea for you?
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