Choose a Professional Plumber to Unclog a Drain at Your Home in Hollywood, FL, or the Tri-County Area

Unclog Drain Hollywood FL

Is the water draining so slowly in your shower that you may as well be taking a bath? Do gurgling noises in your kitchen sink make it sound like something is living in there? While you may think a clogged drain is just an annoying inconvenience, it could actually lead to larger problems, like corrosion or flooding, if not properly addressed. The professionals at K2 Plumbing can unclog any blocked drain, quickly returning your pipes back to working order. We offer drain clearing services for residential and commercial properties in Hollywood, FL, and throughout the Tri-County area, so whether you have a clogged drain at your home or business, give us a call.

Count on K2 Plumbing

Your initial reaction to a blocked drain may be to try to unclog it yourself. However, it’s better to let the professional plumbers from K2 Plumbing take care of it for several reasons, including:

We’ll Fully Clear the Drain

You may try plunging a drain, hoping to unclog it – and it may even work, for a short while. But, if you’re unable to completely clear whatever’s blocking the pipe, eventually you’ll be back to square one. K2 Plumbing has the proper tools and expertise to fully remove the buildup so that your pipes drain efficiently.

It’s Safer

A really frustrating clog might cause you to try another DIY method: chemical drain cleaner. The acid in these cleaners will eat away at the blockage, but it will also damage your pipes. Put down the bottle and instead let us unclog your drain with safer, non-toxic methods.

It’s Like a Check-Up

While clearing out your drain, our trained and experienced plumbers will be able to inspect your pipes and possibly even identify underlying issues, like corrosion, fractures, or other wear and tear.

Don’t try to unclog your drain yourself – contact K2 Plumbing today and we’ll swiftly take care of it. We proudly offer drain clearing services for homes and businesses in Hollywood, FL, and the Tri-County area.

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